Camp Wannakumbac is operated by the Wasagaming Foundation Inc . We are a registered charity. Our Registered Charity number is:

10819 1065 RR0001

All donations made through the above form are processed by who will send you a charitable receipt. If you prefer to send us a cheque, please send it to:

Camp Wannakumbac
Box 125
R0J 1N0

Three Avenues for Donating

  1. Camp Legacy Fund -A capital project fund to help us with repairs and upgrades (to program supplies and buildings). Please send us a cheque or offer your donation at Family Camp. All donations over $10.00 are issued a tax deductible receipt.
  2. Wannakumbac Spirit Fund -Help us preserve Wannakumbac Spirit! Your donation will help send a child to camp and aid us in providing year-round programming. Please fill out the form on this page. All donations will be issue an email receipt from
  3. Gift in Kind -We are always looking for donations of tools, supplies, and sports equipment. If you are upgrading and would like to give us your old gear (still in good condition), please contact us. If you know of a sale or deal on any of the following items, we would love to know about it!
We are currently looking for:
  • Mountain bikes
  • Cross-country skis, boots, poles (we are trying to move away from the old style 3-pin binding)
  • Ice fishing equipment: auger, fishing rods, tackle
  • "Floating" pier (not to be confused with the floating dock!)
  • Ping pong table
  • Small/medium outdoor storage bin (for sports equipment)
  • Canoe stand/canoe trailer
  • Bush hog

Previous Donations

Previous Donations

An important statement from Camp Wannakumbac’s Board of Directors:

Dear Friends of Camp Wannakumbac:

We hope and trust that you and your families are staying safe and healthy. Spring at Camp Wannakumbac is usually a whirlwind of activity with groups renting the facility and preparations for the summer camp session in full swing. Unfortunately, COVID-19 continues and we are faced with the reality that for the second summer in a row, it is not possible to proceed with routine group rentals or the regular summer camp program for 2021. The board and management of Camp remain hopeful and optimistic that if we can “weather the storm” just one more season, we will recover from the fiscal realities the pandemic has created.

We sincerely THANK YOU for the outpouring of support last year. Camp received a tremendous response to our fund-raising appeal, raising $15,000 in a little over one week with close to $20.000 in total! This money was absolutely critical in getting us through the early days of the pandemic.

Like many other businesses and organizations, our camp continues to adapt, adjust and assess every option for 2021 income opportunities. Here are some of the ideas that Mitch and Sarah-Anne, with the support and approval of the board, are pursuing:

  1. Camp has explored and received funds from many federal and/or provincial COVID-19 assistance programs and continues to explore grants from various Programs and Foundations.
  2. Promotion of the two self-contained cabins (Evergreen and Aspen) for Airbnb has provided year-round income with both cabins rented almost every weekend last winter.
  3. Continuation of the promotion and rental of campground sites. This was very successful in 2020 and there has already been many campsites booked for the 2021 season.
In spite of these efforts, we are still in a position of needing to ask for any financial assistance you are able to offer in an effort to help get us through to the end of the pandemic. Funds can be donated by completing the form below, and will provide support for the following:
  1. Continued facility management. Major costs such as Property taxes of $10,000 and Insurance premiums amounting to almost $10,000 continue to need to be paid annually.
  2. Plans to upgrade Oak Cabin (original staff cabin) with a mini kitchen and some new flooring and furniture to allow for an affordable Airbnb for 8-10 people could provide additional income. $8,000 from last years donations has been earmarked for this project.
  3. Increase the capacity of the campground concept, to include the ability to rent out our bunk cabins for sleeping with a fire pit, mini-fridge, microwave, picnic table, etc. This idea, similar to a Yurt or O-Tentik has been offered very successfully over the past several years at Riding Mountain National Park.
We would also be very appreciative of any Donations of Equipment to expand our campground and Airbnb options. We are able to issue charitable tax receipts for new equipment that is purchased for Camp with a copy of the purchase receipt. Any donations of the following items, new or used, in good working condition are needed:
  • Picnic tables (at least 6)
  • Mini-fridges for "yurt" cabins, with or without a freezer (at least 2)
  • Fire pits (at least 3). Makeshift fire pits, such as a large rim, a section of culvert or other cylindrical metal, cinder blocks, will work. We currently have 3 fire pits that are old dryer drums and they work great.
  • Microwaves (1-2)

Again, the Wasagaming Foundation Board of Directors and General Managers would like to extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks for your generosity and commitment to Camp Wannakumbac. Your ongoing support in the form of donations, volunteering, or just encouragement over the years, has and continues to be part of what makes it “Our Camp.”

Please feel free to contact the camp office if you would like to discuss any donations further.

Norval Lee
Board Chair
Wasagaming Foundation

Dining Hall 50th Anniversary Renovations

Phase 1

Phase 1 dining hall

New flooring and electric furnace made possible by:
  • Concentra Financial Group
  • Manitoba Community Places Program
  • FCC AgriSpirit Fund
  • Co-op Hail Insurance
  • Many individual donations from CW supporters

Phase 2

Dining hall phase 2

Darren Gusdal Memorial Deck made possible by:
  • Manitoba Community Places Program
  • Virden & Area Foundation
  • Donations made in memory of Darren Gusdal from 2015 Family Campers

Phase 3

One of the most frequently used spaces in the dining hall, our washrooms, have recently been renovated. Thank you so much to The Brandon And Area Foundation (BAF) for partnering with us to make it possible.