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Camp Wannakumbac sunset at the lake

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Who We Are

Riding Mountain Conference Centre is a year-round facility whose primary function is to host the summer camp program, Camp Wannakumbac (CW), in July and August annually. CW is a non-denominational, community focused sleep away camp for kids ages 8-15. Our vision is that CW remains a cooperative community that provides exciting camping experiences for all participants, from any culture, religion, or background. Through innovative instruction that fosters creative learning, camp will continue to provide positive leadership and personal growth opportunities while encouraging an appreciation for the outdoors.

When the Wasagaming Foundation was first established in 1964, it was envisaged that the Conference Centre would be developed to the point that organizations with ready access to funding could be attracted to use the facility for meetings, conferences, and retreats during the other 10 months of the year. In turn, these rental funds would allow camping and outdoor education experiences for young people to be offered at a somewhat subsidized rates. We believe that the community has the right to be proud of their past involvement and accomplishments in the development of CW. And for this, they are recognized and valued. All community members should feel welcome to give open and honest input, support and/or guidance for the future development of CW.

Camp Wannakumbac is located on the West shore of Clear Lake next to Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, Canada.