Located at Clear Lake, Manitoba

Campground & Summer Activities

Campground booking is now open!

We’re excited to once again offer you a unique opportunity to experience the beautiful grounds of Wannakumbac as a campground. Bring your tent or RV and enjoy the peaceful meadows that surround our camp. Click here for details about booking a campsite.

Along with adding more campsites and cabin rentals this year, we’re also planning daily activities for campground patrons to attend. There are no additional costs or registration required. As long as you are renting a campsite or cabin, you and your kids can join the fun.

You can find more details about our planned campground activities here.

Book a Chalet!

evergreen cabin camp wannakumbac chalet rental airbnb
Evergreen Cabin is available this summer, with a contactless check-in and check-out process. Click here for full details.

We are working towards adding another chalet rental in early June.

Donation Drive

We need your help to get Wannakumbac on its feet again after months and months of lost profit. Please donate now.

Renting Facility for 2021

We’re now accepting group bookings for fall 2021, with a flexible cancellation policy. For more information please Click Here.

Camp Wannakumbac is located on the West shore of Clear Lake next to Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, Canada.

Camp Wannakumbac and Riding Mountain Conference Centre are a not for profit organization with no religious affiliation. Funding is provided by our sponsors: KAP, Manitoba Elks Foundation, Federated Co-op, Manitoba’s Credit Unions, Co-op Hail Insurance, and Wannakumbac Circle

Program standards are established by the Manitoba Camping Association from which we receive our accreditation.