Counsellor in Training (CIT)

The CIT program was developed in 1988 and has been successfully training youth in leadership roles ever since. It also helps our Summer Director choose staff for the following summers. The experiences that are gained from this program are immeasurable.

To extend its effectiveness, the program has been expanded to two levels. In the first level, the CIT acts as a resource member and observes different aspects of camp, including the roles of staff and campers. Time is spent learning about certain camper behaviors and forming a leadership model that is personalized to each CIT. Level two is a more in-depth program where the CIT co-counsels a cabin along with a senior staff member, and spends more time planning events for the campers.

CIT Objectives

You will be assigned a CIT leader when you arrive at camp. This senior Wannakumbac counsellor will help you throughout your week at camp.

Your objectives during your week are to:
  • get to know a counsellor of your choice throughout the week, observe the way they work with campers, and make notes on certain aspects of their performance
  • get to know a camper of your choice, and make notes on what you’ve learned from them
  • help with the program prep as part of the resource team (CIT 1)
  • help supervise a cabin of campers (CIT 2)
  • take part in your assigned cabin group activity or horizontal
  • co-teach an activity
  • help to make the campers week memorable
  • spend time exploring camp with your CIT leader
  • complete your CIT manual

You will be evaluated on your performance as it will help to decide whether you'll be allowed to take part in level two, or be invited back as a full staff member. This evaluation will be reviewed with you at the end of the week. This process is a great way to learn about your strengths while at camp, and to become aware of any weakness for future growth.

CIT Session Outline: There are approximately four formal sessions each consisting of one hour each. In this time it is expected that these topics will be covered:

  • Thorough explanation of all parts of the Mentorship program
  • Discussion of topics related to staff training (emergency procedures, conflict resolution techniques, etc.)
  • Leadership training for daily activities and supervision
  • Tips for working effectively within a team atmosphere

Camp Dates Negotiated

As a CIT Level 1, you will be assigned a dorm room in Aspen cabin with other CIT 1's of the same gender. We always have one gender of CIT's per week as this is a shared dorm room. Therefore we cannot assign your week until we have several CIT 1's express interest. Once we have enough applicants to fill a week, you will be notified of your camp dates. You may be given an option between two weeks, again depending on if we have enough applicants to fill both weeks. The minimum amount of CIT's we will have per week is two and the maximum is five. Depending on the amount of interest, we typically have CIT Level 1 & 2 attend camp during Intermediate A & B weeks as well as Junior A & B. Only in rare cases will we schedule a CIT during any other week. For CIT 1 & 2 registration, please contact the camp manager via email: