Wannakumbac is currently hiring lifegaurds, camp counsellors, kitchen cooks,  kitchen prep cooks, and housekeepers. If interested, please visit our application page for more details.

A leader, a role model, a friend

Recruited from schools and universities across the country, our Wannakumbac cousellors take on a very important responsibility… your children. We believe that our campers have the right to explore new experiences and to develop individually and cooperatively in a safe and enjoyable environment. Our staff are tasked with delivering these sorts of programs which encourage respect and develop social skills all the while maintaining a positive camp environment. It’s a lot to ask!

That’s why each of our counsellors receive seven days of intensive leadership training led by Wannakumbac alumni, the summer director, and management. Topics include first aid, conflict mediation, creative learning techniques, and outdoor safety. Above all, working with youth is of course a key component of counselling. This daily task exercises patience, compassion, care, and understanding. Our staff must work with kids as young as 8 and as old as 16, boys and girls, from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and different lives at home. There will be times they’re required to console a homesick child, and others where they must control a group of 12 rowdy cabin mates at bedtime.

We give a lot of credit to our staff, as being a camp counsellor is no small responsibility.

We will always ensure staff members have the resources and guidance they need, before and after staff training. Our camp can be recognized as a community, where counsellors, programmers, directors, kitchen staff, and managers are brought together in a shared work environment. We take great care to develop a strong team atmosphere and a sense of accomplishment with our young leaders. The bond between staff members directly reflects our ability to deliver exceptional summer camp programming. It shows, as generations of alumni have sent their own kids our way. And so the tradition lives on!

Year-Round Staff

Although we are best known for our Wannakumbac summer camp program, it only runs for two short months. Where as Riding Mountain Conference Centre (RMCC), the facility that hosts Wannakumbac, runs year-round. This is only possible thanks to our dedicated year-round staff.

Cooks & Kitchen Assistants

No one wants to clean dirty dishes when they’re on holidays! RMCC, and indeed Wannakumbac, would be nothing without the hard work of our kitchen staff. They toil away over a hot oven to bring you high quality cuisine to fuel your daily fun. We curate our meals to suit the specific groups we serve, and we hear time and time again that the food is one big reason people “wanna” come back!


Mitch and Sarah-Anne Gusdal are RMCC’s on-site management duo. They are in charge of maintenance, accounting, secretary duties, marketing, and “odd jobs” of all caliber. Day-to-day operations are overseen by management, as well as ensuring the quality and safety of the facility are kept to the utmost standard. They report to the Board of Directors during quarterly meetings.