Cabin Group

For over 50 years Camp Wannakumbac has provided a creative, educational experience in a cooperative group while living out-of-doors. It utilizes the resource of the natural surroundings to instill a significant contribution to mental, physical and social growth.

Camp Wannakumbac is an residential coed camp for campers aged 8 – 15. Each week is specially programmed for each age group, with emphasis on leadership, sports, arts and the outdoors. Camp Wannakumbac offers many activities through out the week. Campers can choose from: archery, hiking, nature crafts, canoeing, snorkeling, kayaking, environmental programs, drama, dance, guitar, photography, GPS orienteering, beach volleyball, basketball, soccer, and many more.

The weekly programs at Camp Wannakumbac vary to accommodate the ages of the campers. One thing is for sure, you never know what is going to happen next at Camp. We have had visits from Austin Powers, Xena, James Bond, and even The Men in Black. The programs are planned so that each camper will take home exciting memories of their week with us. We also encourage personal growth through cooperative learning and leadership.