2021 Day Camp

Hello dedicated Wannakumbac patrons.

With 2021 comes another difficult summer camp season, and many tough decisions to make. Learning from last year’s attempt at running a camp program in the midst of a pandemic, we’ve decided to take a more cautious approach this time around. This summer, we intend to offer our beautiful space as a campground once again. We have plans to expand on last year’s 14 campsites and two rental cabins. However, along with our campground we also have another plan in place. Because we can’t fathom going two summers without a summer camp, we’ve decided to offer day-camp style programming to the patrons of our campground!

This means we intend to have volunteers present who will run socially distanced games and activities to all youth who are staying at our campground. There are no additional costs or registration required. All you need in order to join the fun is to be staying at one of our campsites or cabins and answer the standard COVID-19 screening questions. As long as regulations allow, we want the opportunity for your camper to stay here once again and enjoy the amazing opportunities Wannakumbac has to offer.

We hope this plan will allow us to more quickly adjust to whatever health regulations are put in place. We feel this day camp/campground model will likely change as the summer progresses and the vaccine is more widely distributed. Pivoting our business model has been a challenge to say the least, but we are remaining focused on giving our campers something positive to look forward to.

More details to come.

Wannakumbac Management