Looking for volunteer committee members!

Wannakumbac 75th Anniversary

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Time commitment: 3.5 years

Responsibilities: you will be tasked with planning, coordinating, and leading all things related to the 75th Anniversary on Family Camp weekend, 2023. This includes fundraising initiatives before the event, as well as any special activities taking place during the celebration. Once the committee has been formed, more specific roles and responsibilities will be assigned to each individual. Most communication can be done remotely with other committee members, but your physical presence may be required 1-2 times a year for meetings or site visits.

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Pavilion “Pav” Project

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Time commitment: 5-10 years or more

Responsibilities: this initiative is a long-term undertaking to study and implement the best course of action for the current or potentially new Pavilion. It will involve discussion with contractors, organizing volunteer labour when required, and securing funds through donors and grants. Once the committee has been formed, more specific roles and responsibilities will be assigned. Due to the large scale investment and importance of this project in Wannakumbac’s future development, there is no set “deadline” for completion. We are looking for individuals with past experience in these kind of initiatives who have valuable insight and connections to contractors or potential investors. Since regular site visits are likely necessary, living relatively close to our facility is an asset. This is a hugely important project for our camp, and all committee members will be proudly displayed on a Donor Recognition Wall which will be mounted prominently in the final building.

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Summer Camp Nurse

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Wannakumbac requires a nurse/medical professional to be on site during each week of camp. Although our preference is to have one nurse be with us for a full week (camp starts on Wednesday and ends the following Tuesday), if you wish to volunteer as a camp nurse but are unable to commit to a full camp week please inquire and we will do our best to accommodate. Income tax receipts would be issued for time spent at camp, or a small honorarium is offered for a complete week of medical coverage.

We require our nurse to be on site 24/7. However, arrangements can be made for short excursions during the day, such as going for a canoe on the lake or a trip into Wasagaming.


  • Review camper health form during registration
  • Establishing health needs during registration
  • Work closely with other staff members to promote good health and provide health care when required.
  • Ensures that Evergreen Cabin (nurse’s residence) is kept clean and stocked with appropriate supplies and medications.
  • Keeps clear, accurate and concise records on all campers and staff.
  • Keeps a daily medical log and maintains and documents the camper/staff chart.
  • Dispenses and keeps a record of daily medications administered.
  • Keeps track of patients requiring follow-up visits for medical care.
  • Makes sure that medications brought to camp are kept secure.
  • Provides first aid kits for campout and cookout trips (Friday and Saturday nights) and restocks them after each trip.
  • Supply Epi-Pens and camper medication to the appropriate counsellor before departure on campout/cookout.
  • Care for sick campers who require a stay in the infirmary.
  • Make decisions about camper injuries and illness severity (in case a trip to the hospital is necessary).
  • Review cabins for daily “Clean Cabin Award”.

Approximate Daily Schedule:

– 8:45am – Breakfast / Medications
– 9:45am – Check cabin cleanliness during morning activities
– 12:30pm – Lunch / Medications / Clean Cabin Award
– 1:30pm – Prepare medications and first aid kits for campout/cookout
– 3:15pm – Review medication administration with counsellors leaving on campout
– 5:45pm – Dinner / Medications
– 10:30pm – Bedtime Medications

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