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Summer Camp Nurse

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Wannakumbac requires a nurse/medical professional to be on site during each week of camp. Although our preference is to have one nurse be with us for a full week (camp starts on Wednesday and ends the following Tuesday), if you wish to volunteer as a camp nurse but are unable to commit to a full camp week please inquire and we will do our best to accommodate. Income tax receipts would be issued for time spent at camp, or a small honorarium is offered for a complete week of medical coverage.

We require our nurse to be on site 24/7. However, arrangements can be made for short excursions during the day, such as going for a canoe on the lake or a trip into Wasagaming.


  • Review camper health form during registration
  • Establishing health needs during registration
  • Work closely with other staff members to promote good health and provide health care when required.
  • Ensures that Evergreen Cabin (nurse’s residence) is kept clean and stocked with appropriate supplies and medications.
  • Keeps clear, accurate and concise records on all campers and staff.
  • Keeps a daily medical log and maintains and documents the camper/staff chart.
  • Dispenses and keeps a record of daily medications administered.
  • Keeps track of patients requiring follow-up visits for medical care.
  • Makes sure that medications brought to camp are kept secure.
  • Provides first aid kits for campout and cookout trips (Friday and Saturday nights) and restocks them after each trip.
  • Supply Epi-Pens and camper medication to the appropriate counsellor before departure on campout/cookout.
  • Care for sick campers who require a stay in the infirmary.
  • Make decisions about camper injuries and illness severity (in case a trip to the hospital is necessary).
  • Review cabins for daily “Clean Cabin Award”.

Approximate Daily Schedule:

– 8:45am – Breakfast / Medications
– 9:45am – Check cabin cleanliness during morning activities
– 12:30pm – Lunch / Medications / Clean Cabin Award
– 1:30pm – Prepare medications and first aid kits for campout/cookout
– 3:15pm – Review medication administration with counsellors leaving on campout
– 5:45pm – Dinner / Medications
– 10:30pm – Bedtime Medications

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