Wannakumbac Circle

This is an excerpt from an article that ran in the Brandon Sun in August 2017. To view the full article, please click here.

A group of dedicated supporters has formed a new organization called Wannakumbac Circle to help guide the camp for generations to come.

The group held its first in-person meeting at this year’s event, where they formalized Wannakumbac Circle. Longtime supporter Neil Gamey was elected Wannakumbac Circle trustee.

Wannakumbac is run by the non-profit Wasagaming Foundation, which is made up of seven trustees representing: Federated Co-operatives, Manitoba Credit Unions, Keystone Agricultural Producers, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba, Co-op Hail Insurance, Parrish & Heimbecker, and the Manitoba Elks Foundation.

Plans are underway for Wannakumbac Circle to become the eighth trustee on the foundation. In order for Wannakumbac Circle to be represented on the board, there is a financial commitment required of approximately $3,500 annually.

Over August long weekend, more than 60 people signed up to be a member of Wannakumbac Circle, which includes a $100 membership fee.

“I think that just speaks to the loyalty and the commitment and the love for the place that some of us have had our whole life,” Gamey said. “It’s just important that we have a way of formalizing our commitment — financially but also by having a trustee sitting on that group.”