To book your conference or retreat, please contact:

(204) 848-2380  or  info@wannakumbac.com

  • Our maximum capacity is 100
  • The facility is open year-round with the exception of July and August when the annual summer camp program is held.
  • Groups who book with us have first choice at reserving the same dates for the following year.

Smaller groups/families

If you are an individual, couple, or have a small family of four or less then we suggest you look up Evergreen Cabin.

For small groups or large families of up to 16 people, we offer Aspen Cabin as a stand alone chalet-style rental option.

Our bunk cabins that have been converted into camping cabins, which are available for rent through to June 2022. There is no access to a kitchen but there is potable water, heat, and public washrooms/showers.

Aspen and Evergreen are available to rent every month of the year except July and August, including most holidays. However, we only allow booking three months in advance to give large groups first option on booking the cabin for their retreat or conference.