This is an important update regarding the financial stability of Wannakumbac. In short, we need your help to ensure the continuation of our beloved camp past this tumultuous year.

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To our Alumni, past and current campers and all lovers of Camp Wannakumbac and Riding Mountain Conference Centre,

As you now likely know, we were unable to run our famous summer camp program for the first time in 72 years. These circumstances, alongside the cancellation of all of our spring and fall groups and the unknown of how long it may be before we are allowed to accept large rentals, has left us with a huge profit loss and created the perfect storm of putting our beloved camp in a precarious position. After launching a donation drive this spring we were quickly able to raise $15,000!

We’re graced with a community of current camp families and generations of past camp alumni. Camp Wannakumbac is so grateful for your support and we appreciate everyone who has reached out and given us kind words, likes and shares on all of our posts. Thank you to those of you who show up year after year to Family Camp and send generations of their families to the long-standing Camp Wannakumbac summer program.

Due to the longevity of this virus, our traditions and established programs are still at risk. With our continued profit losses and the cancellation of summer camp due to Covid-19 we are concerned for our future. Our counsel staff play a vital role in the passing down of knowledge and traditions in all of our much loved programming. They are the backbone and heart of Wannakumbac. Without experienced counsellors, we could not pass down vital knowledge of our program. Without our Director we could not train the staff. Without our kitchen staff everyone would go hungry. We were unable to run summer camp in 2020 so now we are asking for you to play your vital role and to help us keep Camp Wannakumbac alive and weather this storm in order to provide the same lifelong memories for future generations of campers and counsellors that you’ve experienced yourself.

Some of you reading this may not have visited our facility and beautiful little piece of Earth as a part of our summer program. Some of you may have attended through art or scrapbooking retreats, Co-op Youth Camp, Camp Bridges bereavement camp, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides or Brownie weekends, Band and Choir Camps or school trips. Anyone who has stepped foot at Camp Wannakumbac has made a lasting memory here. These grounds and buildings hold stories from all of you. Your continued support over the years has helped us keep our old buildings standing, the grounds tended to, and our aging kitchen functioning. We want to continue to provide the same comfort (and slowly improve those comforts) to keep you coming back to the same affordable and historical place you’ve always enjoyed. In order to do this we need your support.

We’re doing our best to adapt in this trying time. Besides running campground sites we’re also offering several of our cabins as chalet rentals on AirBnb (look up Evergreen Cabin or Aspen Cabin in Clear Lake). We have launched an online store so that we can continue to sell camp merchandise, and we’re already planning possible summer camp options for next year.

We need your donation so that Wannakumbac can survive a winter of hydro bills, property taxes, and other expenses. With your help we can ensure all future summers and years can continue on just like the past 72. Please spread the word and donate today.

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Camp Wannakumbac is operated by the Wasagaming Foundation Inc . We are a registered charity. Our Registered Charity number is:

10819 1065 RR0001

All donations made through the above form are processed by who will send you a charitable receipt. If you prefer to send us a cheque, please send it to:

Camp Wannakumbac
Box 125

Three Avenues for Donating

  1. Camp Legacy Fund
    -A capital project fund to help us with repairs and upgrades (to program supplies and buildings). Please send us a cheque or offer your donation at Family Camp. All donations over $10.00 are issued a tax deductible receipt.
  2. Wannakumbac Spirit Fund
    -Help us preserve Wannakumbac Spirit! Your donation will help send a child to camp and aid us in providing year-round programming. Please fill out the form on this page. All donations will be issue an email receipt from
  3. Gift in Kind
    -We are always looking for donations of tools, supplies, and sports equipment. If you are upgrading and would like to give us your old gear (still in good condition), please contact us. If you know of a sale or deal on any of the following items, we would love to know about it!

We are currently looking for:

  • Mountain bikes
  • Cross-country skis, boots, poles (we are trying to move away from the old style 3-pin binding)
  • Ice fishing equipment: auger, fishing rods, tackle
  • “Floating” pier (not to be confused with the floating dock!)
  • Ping pong table
  • Small/medium outdoor storage bin (for sports equipment)
  • Canoe stand/canoe trailer
  • Bush hog

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Dining Hall 50th Anniversary Renovations

Phase 1


New flooring and electric furnace made possible by:

  • Concentra Financial Group
  • Manitoba Community Places Program
  • FCC AgriSpirit Fund
  • Co-op Hail Insurance
  • Many individual donations from CW supporters

Phase 2


Darren Gusdal Memorial Deck made possible by:

  • Manitoba Community Places Program
  • Virden & Area Foundation
  • Donations made in memory of Darren Gusdal from 2015 Family Campers

Phase 3

One of the most frequently used spaces in the dining hall, our washrooms, have recently been renovated. Thank you so much to The Brandon And Area Foundation (BAF) for partnering with us to make it possible.

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