Adult Summer Camp

Adult Summer Camp


ANNOUNCEMENT: local musician Logan McKillop and his band will be playing live music for the end-of-camp dance! We can’t wait 🙂

Wannakumbac’s newest program launch is an Adult Summer Camp, being held on September long weekend of 2018. They’ve been growing in popularity elsewhere in the country and we felt it’s about time Manitoba got it’s own! The idea is that we continue the legacy of our kids summer camp by creating a program that allows adults to return. Many people never got the chance as a kid themselves, while others may know Wannakumbac from decades ago, and want to re-live the experience. 

So… What is “Adult Summer Camp”?

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It’s essentially the same summer camp your kids go to! The daily schedule will be closely based on Wannakumbac’s famous summer camp program… activities, out-trips, campfires, and of course… a dance! Registration is Friday upon arrival, where you’ll be assigned your cabin, meet your new bunk mates, and choose your daily activities.

Remember… our focus isn’t luxury or comfort. You’ll be sleeping in large bunkhouses that fit 12-14 campers, on bunk beds that have been here since the beginning. Your bunk mates might snore, and the cabins are not air conditioned. If anything, this experience is meant to make you uncomfortable! As adults, we tend to stick with what’s familiar. Our goal is to get you out of your comfort zone so you can bond with new friends over shared experiences.

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Is it exactly the same as kid’s camp?

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Not exactly. Although we have a set schedule for the day, we won’t force you to go to your activities. Of course, to get the most out of your experience we hope you decide to partake in all the great fun and games we’ve planned.

That being said, there will be certain times of day where we do a head count for safety, such as lights out. After lights out all the facilities and beach front will be off limits. Meals will also follow a set schedule, so if you miss lunch you’ll be waiting for supper!

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What about booze?

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We’re excited to announce that fellow local business Farmery Brewery is generously providing beer and prizes for our Sunday night camp dance. Thank you Farmery!

The largest difference between your kid’s camp and our Adult Camp is the addition of alcohol. We’re doing our best to stay true to the spirit of summer camp, so alcohol will only be provided during specific scheduled events. There will also be a limit to how many drinks an individual may have. We do not want Adult Camp to be all about drinking. Our goal is for your stay here to remind you of a simpler time in life where fun, sun, and friends was all you needed to have an amazing experience. However, we realize that as adults there will be times that you’ll want to have a casual drink or two.

NO outside drugs or alcohol is permitted. Any drugs or alcohol brought to camp will be confiscated.

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Are there counsellors?

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Yes. Sort of. We’ve been in touch with some of our alumni who were counsellors back in the day. They are going to be volunteering at Adult Summer Camp as sort of pseudo counsellors. They know camp and the traditions surrounding Wannakumbac, and will mostly be there to keep the programs running smoothly. After all, we need folks who can teach you the activities, clean your dirty dishes, and know how to have (and lead) a good time!

Each bunk house has a separate room with two single beds. This is where our alumni-counsellors will be staying. This way they can make sure everyone is enjoying themselves while respecting other campers and the facility.

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What should I bring?

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Upon registering, you’ll be sent with a full packing list. Here are a few things to get you started:

  • Clothes for every type of weather
  • Swimming gear and other active wear
  • Pillow and bedding (blankets or sleeping bag)
  • Sunscreen/bug spray
  • Water bottle
  • Shower supplies
  • Book or sketch pad for down time

Camp Wannakumbac is not responsible for lost or stolen items. That being said, here are a few things you may want to bring. Please remember that you are bringing them at your own risk:

  • Guitar or other instruments (we have several guitars which can be used by campers)
  • Camera
  • Ipod/mp3 player

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What isn’t allowed at Adult Camp?

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As mentioned earlier, outside drugs and alcohol will not be permitted. There are a few other important rules that we will closely monitor to make Adult Camp the best possible experience for everyone:

  • Once you arrive at camp and have registered, no driving will be permitted. We will have a couple out trips where we’ve arranged drivers to take you to your destination. Due to the addition of alcohol at this event, it’s very important that no one operates a vehicle while on site.
  • We strive to be inclusive of every individual who wishes to attend camp. This means any racist, sexist, or otherwise disrespectful behaviour towards a fellow camper will not be allowed. Any incidents will be taken very seriously. Failure to comply with this rule could result in removal from Adult Camp with no refund.
  • Smoking is allowed, but only in designated smoking areas. We ask that you only light up in these areas as to avoid any cigarette butts ending up as litter. We’re fortunate enough to be located next to a national park, and preserving our natural surrounding is a top priority. Smoking in any building, including your cabin, is absolutely prohibited. 

There are a few items that you may think about bringing which are not necessary or we already supply. Please do not bring the following:

  • Pocket knife, axe, or other camping items of this nature
  • Tent/camper (sleeping accommodations are in assigned cabins only)
  • Portable gas/propane/electric stove
  • Valuable items such as jewelry
  • Expensive electronics such as a laptop

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What’s your policy around cell phones?

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Our youth camp has a zero tolerance cell phone policy. We strongly feel that a week at camp is enriched when we put our phones away and focus on the people and place around us. For Adult Camp, we want to continue this policy within reason.

These days, you may have jobs, family, and other important responsibilities outside of camp that demand your attention. This is completely understandable. Our policy around cell phones is that they should be for pictures or emergencies only. There will be certain activities through the day that will be deemed “cell phone free” where no phones will be allowed. We encourage you to use this weekend to unplug and socialize the old fashioned way. Also.. there’s no wifi at camp, and cell service can be shotty at best.

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Other FAQ’s

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How much does it cost?

$300, paid during registration.

What is included with my ticket purchase?

Accommodations for 3 nights, meals, snacks, beverages (including alcohol) and all programming and entertainment.

How do I register?

Click here to be taken to our online registration. We accept all major credit cards.

What’s NOT included with my ticket?

We’ll be arranging a shuttle service to take you to the nearby town of Wasagaming located in Riding Mountain National Park. The shuttle and any purchases made while in the townsite will be up to you to pay for.

We will also be offering canteen items on Saturday and Sunday which will be available for purchase.

Is there an age limit?

This is a 21+ event. We like kids a whole lot – but this is a weekend strictly for adults.

When does the weekend begin/end?

Camp begins Friday, August 31 at 5:00pm-7:00pm. It’s highly recommended that you arrive within this time frame. Should you need to arrive later than 7:00pm, please let us know ahead of time. There will be snack served at 8:00, but no supper.

Monday, September 3 we will have brunch at 10:30am, with final goodbyes to follow.

What are the accommodations?

Each cabin is one large room with enough bunks for 12‐14 campers. There is no plumbing in the cabins. Bathrooms and showers are located in a separate “shower house”, and additional bathrooms can be found in the Dining Hall.

Who will be in my cabin?

You can choose to be placed in a cabin designated as male-only, female-only, or co-ed. You can select your preference during registration.

Can I stay with my friends?

At camp, we want you to make NEW friends! Therefore all cabin arrangements are randomized. However, if you’re arriving with a significant other we realize you will likely want to bunk together. There will be an option during registration to request a cabin with your partner. 

What is the schedule for the weekend?

We have a jam packed schedule that begins as soon as you arrive to camp!  For now, the exact details will be kept a secret. If you really have to know, you can check out this page to see a typical Daily Schedule for our youth camp.

Do I have to participate in the activities?

No, but we definitely encourage getting the most of the weekend by participating in all our planned activities. After all, this is a camp for adults and you are free to use your time however you’d like.

Please keep in mind that there are specific meal times which will not be altered for late comers. If you sleep in and miss breakfast, you’ll be out of luck until lunch.

Can I leave camp?

Once you’ve finished registration, no driving will be allowed. This is for safety reasons due to alcohol being present. There are two scheduled out trips that you are welcome to participate in, with drivers organized by us.

Will there be vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and allergy specific food options?

During registration, there will be an area to indicate any dietary restrictions you may have. At this time, we are not able to supply vegan options. We will have vegetarian and lactose-free meals, but only to those who let us know in advance. We can also provide gluten free meals for an extra $50 for the weekend. We do our best to be as nut free as we possibly can but cannot guarantee zero cross-contamination.

Do you need to know any other medical information?

Once we receive your registration and payment, you will be sent a medical form. This form needs to be filled out and returned to Wannakumbac prior to your arrival at camp. It is important for us to have your information regarding any medical conditions, allergies, medication, and contacts in case of an emergency.

Can I bring a tent to sleep in?

Sleeping accommodations are in assigned cabins only.

Is transportation included?

All campers are required to organize their own transportation. To reduce your carbon footprint and save money on gas, we highly encourage you to carpool.  We will organize transportation for any out trips.

Can I bring my dog?

No, there are no pets allowed at camp.

Can I smoke?

Yes, but not indoors. Leaving your butts on the ground is also not allowed. There will be ashtrays available at designated spots, which we will go over upon arrival.  Please be respectful of the environment and our year-round facility, and put your butts in the ashtrays provided.

Tickets are sold out! Do you have a waitlist? 

Once we hit our maximum attendance, our registration system will start to accept requests to be on a waitlist. When a ticket becomes available you will be contacted and will have 24 hours to claim the ticket. If you do not respond, the tickets are released to the next person in line.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds, partial refunds or reimbursements of any kind, for any reason, with one exception. If we are unable to reach the attendance necessary to run the event, all tickets purchased will be refunded.

If you’ve purchased a ticket and can no longer attend, it will be up to you to find a replacement. You can request that we send an alert to our waitlist, but we can’t offer any guarantees.

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